• Image of Stalingrad -- 4'x6' plus -- #600
  • Image of Stalingrad -- 4'x6' plus -- #600

The "Stalingrad" mat (#600) is professionally illustrated and has tons of fantastic detail to it that will make your figures, buildings and terrain really stand out! This is a great game mat to use for your Spring, Summer and Fall Eastern Front WW2 games! You can use the mat "as is" or layer it with your own ruined buildings, rubble, trees and other pieces of urban terrain! Place hills under the mat to recreate the rolling hills of Mother Russia! Ground scale: 1" equals approximately 300 meters.

We designed this mat for use with our grand-strategic 2mm, 3mm and 6mm Stalingrad 1942 "Rommel" games. Different buildings, bridges, and other terrain could be added to move this mat to just about any other period in history. We think with a few changes it would work great as well for Medievals, RENN, WSS, SYW, NAP, Franco-Prussian and WW1. It would work great as a low altitude base mat for air combat and sci-fi games too! What would you use it for?

This mat is available with 4" and 6"square grids for games of Sam Mustafa's "Rommel" as well as 1", 2", 3" and 4" hexes if you'd like to use your favorite set of board-gaming rules! Lot's of options!

• High quality durable fleece
• 4x6 plus - approx. 56"x76"
• Professionally illustrated
• Suited best for 2mm, 3mm, and 6mm tabletop miniature wargaming!

This is NOT a paper or PVC gaming mat.

ITEM #600

Our mats are custom printed on demand, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, although we can generally print and ship them to you much faster!