All of these mats were hand drawn by Cory and then expertly illustrated and designed by Chris. They are inspired by actual battles, but we have kept them somewhat generic so that they can be used for most any scales, periods or scenarios. They are a fantastic way to quickly set up a great looking game at your house, club, convention or local hobby shop. They can be used "as is" in 2D, but they really work best when layered with your own 3D terrain like houses, tress, fences, etc. We use foam hills underneath the mats as hills

The roads are approximately 1 inch in width and work well for 10mm to 28mm figures. The mats are printed on a single sheet of fleece cloth. This is a small hobby business for us, and the mats are printed on demand so if you order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery (international might be longer). We strive to offer premier customer service, so please email us with any questions you might have about the mats.

Here are some pictures of some of the mats we currently have available:


We use this mat for our 15mm and 28mm ACW games, 15mm AWI, and 25mm French and Indian War skirmish games. It would work well for many other periods as well! What would you use it for? Here are a couple pictures of this mat with some of our figures and terrain:

These American Civil War soldiers are 28mm


We use this mat for our 10mm Fantasy, 15mm SYW and 15mm Napoleonic's games, 25mm War of the Roses games and 28mm Lord of the Rings skirmish games.. It would also work well for many other periods and scales.

These Buildings are 15mm buildings


We use this with the local guys for 20mm WWII  gaming, 15mm New Kingdom Egyptians, 15mm Flames of War, 25mm Crusades, Boer War, etc. We also use this as the basis for our 28mm Old West town skirmish games, 40K Dry Planet and WWII Bolt Action desert games.  This is a very versatile mat and would work well for many periods and scales.

These American Cowboys are 28mm

This is also a very versatile mat. It provides a lot of open ground to maneuver your forces. We use it for 10mm Warmaster (fantasy), 25mm Medieval, 15mm AWI, 25mm ACW, and 15mm Seven Years War.

These buildings are 28mm buildings

These American Civil War soldiers are 28mm

This little boy is 908mm

Thanks for taking a look! We think that you will really enjoy gaming with these mats as much as we do!