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Chris – Creative Manager and Blog Administrator

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I have been a gamer since fifth grade. In 1986 my grandmother bought me a Dragon magazine. Wow! I was sold. Since then I have played wargames, board games, and role-playing games for years and years. I plan on being a part of this community until I have no hair left… oh wait… until I need a hip replacement, yeah that sounds better. I look forward to talking with you about games we grew up with, games we might have missed, and games that are yet to come!


Cory – Content Manager and Gamer Guru


I’ve also been enjoying this wonderful  hobby since elementary school. It all started with my dad’s old 54mm Britain’s Toy soldiers and then I started collecting and playing with my own Britain’s as a kid. Me and my friends used to set up epic battles on the living room floor!  I’ve had a love  of military movies (El Cid, Waterloo, The Alamo, etc) for as long as I can remember, and  I was the kid that forced his parents to take him to Gettysburg for summer vacation! Along the way I’ve played Avalon Hill boardgames, Dungeon & Dragons, Warhammer, historical miniatures and many other games. If it involves friends, dice, miniatures and table-top gaming,….. I’m in! We hope that you will enjoy our website and feel free to comment and contribute.  Good Gaming – Cory