• Image of Gettysburg - The Town - #2000 -- 6'x4' plus
  • Image of Gettysburg - The Town - #2000 -- 6'x4' plus

Gettysburg - The Town

This beautiful 6'x4' plus mat faithfully depicts the terrain around the town of Gettysburg, including the town, Rock Creek, McPherson's Ridge, Chambersburg Pike, the railroad cut, and Barlow's Knoll.

This mat is designed to be used with brigade level ACW rules at an approximate ground scale of 1" to 60 yards. Just add your own fences, trees and buildings to bring this portion of the Battle of Gettysburg to life!

It has plenty of replay value too, and would work equally well for FIW, AWI, 1812 and may other periods!

Please note that this mat is designed as a stand alone mat, and is not designed to link or connect to the other stand-alone Gettysburg mats.

Please check out the CBB Complete Epic Battle of Gettysburg mat to fight out the entire battle!