• Image of Gettysburg - The Full Battle - #2003 -- 6'x4' plus
  • Image of Gettysburg - The Full Battle - #2003 -- 6'x4' plus

The "Gettysburg" mat (#2003) is a fantastic looking mat to fight out the Battle of Gettysburg in small scale. We call this mat the "MiniBurg" mat! It is professionally illustrated and has a lot of "texture" to it that will make your figures, buildings and terrain really stand out! This is a great base mat to use for your games. You can use the mat "as is" OR add hills underneath, layer it with your own buildings, fences and other pieces of scatter terrain for a realistic Battle of Gettysburg.

We designed this mat for use with our games of grand tactical 2mm, 3mm and 6mm ACW. With some minor changes in buildings, it could be used for WSS, FIW, SYW, NAP, 1812, Franco-Prussian, WW1, WW2 micro-armor and modern. What would you use it for?

• High quality durable fleece
• 4x6 plus - approx. 60"x79"mat. Gettysburg playing surface is 36" x79".
• Professionally illustrated
• Best for 2mm, 3mm and 6mm tabletop miniature wargaming!

Use it both as a beautiful base for gaming and as a model to guide terrain placement.

The roads, streams and railroad cut are approximately 1/2 inch wide.

This is NOT a paper or PVC gaming mat!

ITEM #2003

Our mats are custom printed on demand, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, although we can generally print and ship them to you much faster!