• Image of ADF Pipe Creek Campaign -- 4'x6' plus -- #142

The "Across A Deadly Field - War in the East" scenario book includes an excellent mini-campaign based upon Gen. Meade's "Pipe Creek Circular". The document was sent to his Corps commanders and outlined in detail what may have been Gen. Meade's preferred "Gettysburg" battle scheme - a defensive engagement along Pipe Creek. This mini-campaign explores that possibility.

This mat represents the "Pipe Creek Deployment Map" from page 102 of the "War in the East" scenario book. We suggest using this mat as a mini-campaign mat, where players can plot out their moves in inches or centimeters and then play out the battle on the full scale 15mm Pipe Creek Campaign mats (West & East).

We use this mat with a stand of figures representing a brigade with hidden movement, supply rules, weather, and a game master moderating the game. We then play out all the battles on the larger Pipe Creek mats.

It might also work well for 2mm - 6mm figures to fight out the tactical engagements. The mat also works well for many other hypothetical campaigns and battles.

Item # 142