• Image of ADF Battle of New Market -- 4'x6' plus -- #143
  • Image of ADF Battle of New Market -- 4'x6' plus -- #143
  • Image of ADF Battle of New Market -- 4'x6' plus -- #143

Cigar Box Battle and Osprey Publishing are proud to bring another "Across A Deadly Field" scenario to your table-top - the Battle of New Market 1864,... will "Put the Boys in!"

This is the artwork from the "Across A Deadly Field - the War in the East" Osprey scenario book. The original artwork was designed by Dean West and Todd Davis for the scenario "Put the Boys In! - The Shenandoah Valley, May 1864". This is the scenario mat for the classic battle between Gen. Franz Sigel and Gen. John Breckenridge with the VMI cadets.

We offer two versions of this scenario mat:

The small scale 10mm-15mm version (#143) which plays on a 3ft x 4.5ft printed terrain mat, printed in the center of a 4x6 mat. This allows the battle to be fought at the correct ADF scale of 1 inch = 80 to 100 yards. The extra space around the edges provides a some extra space for dice, books and charts, markers, etc. This scale is perfect for 15mm ADF, or 6mm - 10mm figures for other regimental ACW rules sets.

The large scale 25mm - 28mm version (#143B), plays well with 25mm figures using "Across A Deadly Field" at 1 inch = 60-80 yards. It would also work well for 15mm Johnny Reb, Regimental Fire and Fury, and many other regimental ACW rules. The 25mm mat comes printed on a full sized mat (4x6 plus).

As with all of our licensed Opsrey Publishing mats, these ADF mats come printed with roads, buildings, streams, etc. All you have to do is add the figures (and hills if you like) and play!

SELECT EITHER 10-15MM VERSION (#143) or 25-28MM VERSION (#143b).

item # 143 and 143b