• Image of Supplemental Terrain -- 3x3 -- #130

This supplemental terrain mat is intended to give you the extra terrain you need to make your gaming how you want it to be

The details:

Contains 27 pieces of terrain that you can cut out and place on your gaming area for those challenging terrain types that you may not have!

Contains the following illustrated terrain for you to cut out and use:

Plough x3
Woods x3
Difficult Hills x3
Large Waterway
Gentle Hills x2
Scrub x2
Tropical Woods x2
Boggy x2
Marsh x2
Sand Dune x2

We leave the BUAs and the Gully to you ;)

ALSO, we've left a bunch of texture and art around the edges for you to clip out and make what you want! We have found they make great pieces to represent: mud, woods, and rough ground.

• High quality, durable, washable, scratch resistant, wrinkle free, 100% polyester fabric!
• 36"x36"
• professionally illustrated with exceptional print quality!

This is NOT a paper or PVC gaming mat

Disclaimer - Please be responsible and careful to avoid injury when cutting out your terrain. If you are under the age of 18, please get the assistance of an adult. We recommend the use of safety scissors. Cigar Box Battle will not be held responsible for any mis-cut terrain or injury.

ITEM #130