• Image of Gettysburg - The Center - #2001 -- 6'x4' plus
  • Image of Gettysburg - The Center - #2001 -- 6'x4' plus

Gettysburg - The Center.

This fantastic looking mat depicts the center of the battlefield at Gettysburg and iconic features such as: Seminary Ridge, Emmitsburg Road, Cemetery Ridge, and Culp's Hill. The ground scale is approximately 1" to 60 yards.

This mat is designed for brigade scale ACW rules and will work best with 10mm - 22mm ACW figures. Just add your own fences, trees and buildings to bring this portion of the Battle of Gettysburg to life.

This mat is a stand-alone mat and is not designed to connect to any other mats.

This mat has lots of replay value and would work great for just about any period in 10mm - 28mm scale. We plan to use it for 18mm WSS, AWI, SYW, WW2 and Moderns.