• Image of Frozen Ruins -- 3x3 -- #201
  • Image of Frozen Ruins -- 3x3 -- #201

Welcome to the Frozen City!

Just layer your own 3D terrain and figures over this mat and you are ready to game! This mat is ideal for games set in a ruined, frozen and magical environment. It features elements of cobblestone streets, snow, paths, and a hint electrifying magical blue energy! Perfect for your games of Frostgrave, Mordheim, Dungeons and Dragons, GASLIGHT, etc. Let your imagination run wild!

This mat is will fold up into a backback and is easily transportable to your local club or hobby shop! Just put out on the table, smooth out by hand, and add your troops and additional terrain! This mat will provide you and your friends hours of gaming excitement.

• High quality, durable, washable, scratch resistant, wrinkle free, 100% polyester fabric!
• 36"x36"
• professionally illustrated with exceptional print quality!

Use it both as a beautiful base for gaming and as a model to guide terrain placement.

This is NOT a paper or PVC gaming mat

ITEM #201

Our mats are custom printed on demand, so please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Thank you!