• Image of Battle of Marengo  -- 4x6plus -- #820
  • Image of Battle of Marengo  -- 4x6plus -- #820

Refight Napoleon's June 14, 1800 victory in Italy with this lovely mat. Designed for use with grand-tactical rules such as "Napoleon's Battles", "Blücher" and "Age of Eagles". The ground scale is approximately 1 inch equals 100 to 120 yards.

The mat is versatile however and could easily be used for almost any time period from ancients to modern. We use it for 15mm Medieval Italian Wars, 10mm NAP Peninsular, 6mm SYW, and 15mm WW2 and 10mm Fantasy. What else could you use it for?

It is professionally illustrated and has a lot of illustrated detail to it that will make your figures, buildings and terrain really stand out! This is a great base mat to use for your games.

• High quality durable fleece
• 4x6 plus - approx. 56"x76"
• Professionally illustrated
• Best for 6mm, 10mm, & 15mm, tabletop miniature wargaming!

Use it both as a beautiful base for gaming and as a model to guide terrain placement. Cigar Box Battle mats fold up for transport in your backpack, store easily and will let you set up a great looking game in minutes!